Make wonderful videos using AI technology by passing only script

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the world in various areas like writing scripts, making videos in minutes, making cool avatars, and much more.

With help of AI, now you can automate your video creation and distribution process with just a few clicks. We turn your long-form content into short, highly-sharable branded videos, with the option to upload automatically after creation.

AI can help you to create branded videos from your latest content. With AI technology, you’ll be able to create short, highly-sharable branded videos at the push of a button. Plus, the tool is quick and easy — with no technical skills required to use it.


Creative videos are now easier than ever to create and share with your audience. AI technology can automatically cut, combine, and synch video clips from long-form content, creating short branded videos in no time.

Create high-quality, branded videos with very little effort. Automatically generates short 10-15 second videos from long-form content. Use these short videos to share on social media, create web pages, and more. Video can be shared on Facebook and YouTube

Pictory AI is one of the coolest AI web-based applications you can use at reasonable pricing.






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